About Us


At, our aim is to help our clients receive maximum rebate as quickly as possible.  We provide full service rebate solutions and cater to individuals, investors and corporations. Our goal is to ensure all our clients are highly satisfied with our services, understand the rebate application process submitted and to provide highest quality and professional service.


Gurpreet has been preparing HST Rebate applications since 2008 and has dealt with many cases in which clients were denied HST rebate by Canada Revenue Agency. He has successfully represented clients and got the decision reversed. He provides an expert view of the entire rebate process and regularly update himself with new rules and regulations. Most of his applications are processed within 4-6 weeks and has a very high success rate.  

Gurpreet has been serving the community since last 12 years. He is a professional tax accountant and has over 10 years of experience serving GTA which has helped him successfully represent clients in many complex situations involving HST Rebates.

His academic background in accounting and tax along with his knowledge of real estate industry has helped him serve his clients professionally and in the right manner offering valuable advice.