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Our firm specializes in HST New Housing Rebate applications. Our team of tax accountants have successfully helped clients recover millions of dollars in HST Rebates from Canada Revenue Agency. Our success is our client’s success, satisfaction and referrals we receive from them. We understand how important buying a house in your life is and our goal is to help our clients get the maximum rebate and as quickly as possible.

We provide full service rebate solutions and take care of the entire rebate application process right from initial advice to preparation and audit support if required. We have seen many clients being denied HST rebates and sometimes wrong rebate applications were filed on behalf of clients either by inexperienced professionals or by someone not familiar with the application process. As most rebate applications result in HST rebate of $24,000 to $30,000, we advise all clients to hire a firm who specializes in HST rebates as you don't want CRA to refuse your application.

We are proud to say that we have successfully represented our clients and got them back what they were entitled to. Many of our clients received notices from Canada Revenue Agency that they owe HST rebate that was credited to the builder. We can help you overturn those adverse assessments. Don’t wait. If you received such a notice, please contact us immediately so we can help you.

Whether you purchased a house through an assignment or bought an investment property from the builder, so you can rent it out or substantially renovated your existing house, we can help. Our aim is to get your rebate application approved the first time and make the entire process as smooth as possible.

Let us make your rebate application process smoother and stress free. Contact us today. (416) 278 2452.



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GST/HST New Housing Rebate
Application for Houses Purchased
from Builder: $350 + hst

HST rebate for new homes is available to anyone in the province who purchases a new home or condo from a builder. When purchasing a new home or condo to live in, or for a family member to live in, the Ontario HST rebate is frequently assigned to the vendor upon closing. The vendor  consequently lowers the purchase price by the rebate amount. In case of Assignment sale or some other reason by builder, the rebate will not be credited to the Purchaser. If that is the case, the purchaser can apply directly to Canada Revenue Agency and get the rebate deposited in his or her bank account within 6 weeks. We have successfully prepared many applications on behalf of our clients and proud to have a high success rate among competitors.

Please email us your documents and a rebate specialist will be happy to assist you. 


GST/HST New Residential Rental
Property Rebate: $350 + HST

If you have purchased a brand new home or a condo from a builder in the past 2 years you are qualified for an HST Rebate of up to $30,000. Most builders claim the rebate on behalf of purchasers that are living in their new home or a condo as their principal residence.

Condo owners and investors that rent out their units are being declined the rebate by the builder but can still claim their rebate through the HST Rebate program offered by Canada Revenue Agency. 

In order to obtain the HST Rental Rebate, the owner must provide us the following documents:

  • Copy of the agreement of purchase and sale.

  • Copy of the the closing statement of adjustments.

  • Copy of a 1 year lease agreement.

Please email us your documents and a rebate specialist will be happy to assist you. 


GST/HST New Housing Rebate for owner-built house or substantial renovation

You may be entitled for HST Rebate if you gutted you entire house and made substantially renovation or made an addition to your house (more than 90% of the livable area has to be renovated).

In most cases, there is no requirement to submit supporting documentation with your application. However, you do have to send invoices with your worksheet where the vendor did not charge the GST/HST on the invoice (photocopies of these invoices will be accepted). You also may be contacted and requested to submit proof of occupancy.

We have prepared and successfully submitted new housing rebate applications for custom built homes for many clients and proud to say that we have been allowed maximum rebate in majority of our applications.

We offer our clients fixed fee unlike other firms that charges about 10% to 20% of the rebate amount which adds to significantly higher fees compared to us; thus putting more money back to our clients pocket.


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